marketing automation.

Harnessing Useful technology

How does marketing automation work? ...

Marketing automation software (Martech) is now an essential component of any growing company's marketing and sales technology stack. Good marketing automation manages and delivers content, automates repetitive tasks, evaluates and grades the buyer's journey to a point of "readiness to buy", and reports performance through analytics and dashboards.

One software vendor, hubspot, spawned a new market category, "inbound marketing" to support successful marketing automation strategies, nurturing an online engagement with web enabled buyer, who is choose to keep direct engagement with a seller, to an anonymous dialogue throughout the early stages of the buying cycle. Good marketing automation, allows marketers to woo their prospects with relevant and contextual content and social marketing to build trust, leading to a qualified lead for direct sales engagement and constant optimisation of lead conversion rates.

Marketing Automation 475X475

With extensive experience configuring and using marketing automation software (hubspot, pardot, marketo, eloqua) B2B Growth Partners have developed expertise in maximising value from marketing automation programs. We focus on the correct set up and fit to your organisation's sales and marketing process.

This essential part of fully benefiting from your marketing automation software options, is almost always poorly served by support of the software vendors, who typically help with technical set up but not creating an optimal marketing automation workflow. Marketing agencies tend to be specialists in content marketing, SEO, and social marketing, and often don't have the expertise to understand the full sales and marketing process and how the technology needs to be shaped to fit.

B2B Growth Partners can set up, or optimise your marketing automation component, as tailor these to your marketing and sales process, to deliver the enhanced return on your investment and accelerated revenue flow.